Kaws x Air Jordan 4


Kaws is a well known sculptor and known for his pop up installations. Mostly for his gigantic real life  pop art sculptures. They pop up in well known galleries and museums around the world all the time. Later this summer Kaws will be dropping a collaboration with Air Jordan 4. A release that will goes as fast as the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration that is set to release in July.

Cross platforming industries  is back by popular demand. Design houses and household  brands, are using cultural influences to drive hype and create exclusive collaborations to keep with the culture of Social Media. It get's me excited to know that you can be one of the few to have exclusive pieces, that would be dead stock in the future. Mixing culture and style is exciting because it's not a secret how one's culture or experience can elevate and add uniqueness to an aesthetic. 

Kaws created a solid product with the 4s. With the neutral tonal pallet and focusing on the material gives it a classic appeal. The stone wash suede and signature " X X" eyes, creates a stealth and monogram appearance.  Sometime less is more and in this case it definitely is more. 

Take a look at what to expect


Geneva Clark