10.1.17 A/W 17 Balmain via AnotherMag

First day of October, everything looks prettier than the day before. I'm in Calabash my favorite tea shop. Attempting to tie all the loose ends before the week starts. 

Scrolling thru my favorite sites scramming ideas together for upcoming projects. Mind wanders and than BOOM, I scroll into a Balmain feature inAnother Magazine . Balmain is always known for his animalistic references. I'm pretty sure we all once dreamed of being a character in Oliver's world of Balmain. It seems as if it was the inspiration I was looking for on a Sunday lined up with work. 

Per usual the garments weren't short of any details. I love how Oliver tends to the production of his pieces. He is able to capture feminism in such a strong unique form. 

In this latest body of work I see a slightly different style than he typically puts out. Drawn into his use of dye manipulation and fringe play, I loved the leisurely vibes this collection gave off. You could see an immediate shift from what he typically puts out. Creating a space for the Cozy Balmain girls.











Images Via AnotherMag

Geneva Clark