Throwback Thursday: Simply Stylist Chitown


Hey loves its half way thru the week and all I can think about, are the opportunities I need to create for  Cozy Closet. I began to write down what I've accomplished so far. So I wanted to share you a video of my experience as an affiliate blogger with #SimplyStylist blogger conference. This experience was so important to me and showed me how far I can really take my brand. Plus my mini vacation to Chicago was amazing.



I had no clue as to what to expect, but it was a great move. Literally I was surrounded by #Girl bosses all day, which meant great conversation & shoes. Very refreshing, and the seminars were also knowledgeable and effective. I have used so much of what I learn It's an experience I would recommend go any up and coming blogger or stylist.


Contact me if you want to learn more about the opportunities 

Geneva Clark