5 Times the Songstress SZA Slayed

Let's coin 2017 the official GLO season. It has been one hellavuh ride for the songstress SZA and her personal development. I have been a stan since Babylon, and with her new album Cntrl she def snatched some edges.

Cntrl was a women's album, a body of work that touched many souls. Watching her on BET awards the lyrics resonated as they did every morning for me and my roommates. 

It's no secret that SZA is a goddess musically, but style wise she can be crowned Queen of cozy slays. Her go to statement pieces have been trucker/hiking boots, crop tops, and cargo bottoms. With everything outfit she has a fresh take on youth-ism and effortlessness.I most appreciate how she highlights her curves.

She is a women's woman and that why she's a #Cozybabe. Check out 5x  SZA slayed.


That's not the only thing that is grabbing my attention. The evolution of her Cozy Spice girl aesthetic has been at ultimate drool level. She's always have had great style, but since she lost her weight she's stepping into different elements and I love it. 

The girl knows how to floss with out trying and she's pushing her comfort zone. Keeping her Bratz meets spice appeal, she has everyone's attention.

We can all take a page from SZA and her cozy closet...

Geneva Clark